We have never been this eager for spring, after such a long long winter. (You probably heard me rambling on the freezing temperature many times in previous posts.) The fact that I could go out bare-legged makes me exuberant, although it was still a bit chilly after the sun went down. 

As I hauled out my light clothes from the bottom of my closet, I realized how much green pieces I had piled up last year. Well, pas de problème, now it's the right timing to wear them. 

Lately I have been very addicted to silk shirt, a versatile timeless classic that rescues you from the bulky winter wardrobe and makes you feel like a feather. (Equipment offers the amazing silk shirts, with super soft touch and smooth texture.) It's definitely the piece for spring.

For some reason, I like to associate springtime with Upper East Side. Neo-classicism architectures, monolith corridors, designer boutiques, magnificent museums and classic restaurants. All together they build a glowing image in which life is perpetually elegant, exquisite and affluent. Even though that's not my life, I enjoy a promenade in this neighborhood down the Madison Ave, as the streets are quieter, the tourist density is lower, and even the birds sounds happier. (call me a snob)

For S.J., his single motivation is to shop at Barney's, period.

S.J. aways finds his minimal interpretation of everything, even in this classy neighborhood. Finding Christophe Lemaire as his inspiration, he found a way to merge the tucked-in/high-waisted look with a relaxing modern touch. Understandably, COS is his all-time favorite to shop for minimal, modern silhouette.



S.J. is wearing 

Shirt by COS

Wool Pants by COS

Stan Smith Sneakers

Lindsey is wearing 

Silk Shirt by Equipment

Skirt by Club Monaco

Booties by Acne Studios

Bucket Bag by Building Block