I never go on a trip without researching where to stay. Hotel is a big part of my planning and makes up my memory of the journey. Fairly speaking, I have been to many cool places, but truly nothing quite like Mustang Nero Hotel in Bangkok. 


Chapter 1: Specimen Gallery Living Room

The hostess is a fan of vintage objects. Stepping into the greenhouse-like hotel, you will be amazed by the huge collection of animal specimens. Scattered here there and everywhere in clusters, the display surprisingly doesn't look messy at all, thanks to the high ceiling in the spacious lobby (higher than a adult giraffe!). The plants and vintage items mix so well together, creating this fresh, indie style that's very unique to Bangkok.

(When I went shopping in chatuchak, I actually saw boutiques with similar styles. Very interesting fact of Bangkok design scene.)


Chapter 2: Wolf

Mustang Nero has only a dozen of rooms, each with its own theme. Some are bigger and more interesting than others (no judging!) and the popular ones are very hard to book. (two month advance booking recommended) And because of the difference, I actually did a bit room hopping during my stay.

The first room is call Wolf. It showed up in many travel guides and interviews with the hostess, definitely one of the hotel signature. It felt interesting to be surrounded by greens the whole time. I had the IG-favorite tropical plants all together in the same room -- a luxury that Bangkok bloggers would probably take for granted.


Chapter 3: Zebra Song

The 2nd room that I stayed in is called Zebra Song. This is a much more cleaner-looking room than the Wolf. It was kept to the rustic monotone and actually appealed to me more -- less busy and gave space to breath.

Chapter 4: Breakfast

You can tell that the hotel crew make an effort every morning. The breakfast was yum, healthy and as IG-ready as the hotel itself.

And even better -- it's free! :D

Chapter 5: The Cats

There are 5 cats happily living in the hotel. I managed to remember all of their names and characters by the time I left. Some are aloof and spend the time sleeping and daydreaming. Some are playful and enjoy tummy tickling.

Definitely another reason to come back and visit these cutsies.


Mustang Nero Hotel

Address: 1112/91-93 Soi Daimaru Department, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Booking through Airbnb.