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We went to Sullivan Street Bakery on a Sunday afternoon. It was originally a casual walk to a well reviewed spot, but we found the food so amazing that we decided to share it on our blog.

It is a quaint rustic bakery on the side of a not-so-busy street. With wood panels and brown scents every where, this is where I should sit with a coffee, a Bomboloni and read a newspaper, temporarily blocking myself from the energy of manhattan on a windy day. And it clearly encourages any gentleman doing so, with newspaper on its little window-side bar table.

We got Pizza Zucchini and their favorite recipe: Bomboloni. The Bomboloni is often referred as Italian donuts. It is filled with a vanilla-bean custard,flecked with lemon zest and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They have three choices of flavor: raspberry, vanilla (which we picked) and chocolate. The pizza was warm and crusty. The toppings taste rich and blend with the cheese and dough seamlessly. Truly baked to perfection.

Sullivan Street Bakery 5_Le Sycomore

While having a cute storefront to greet locals who love their menus, wholesale is the major part of Sullivan Street Bakery's business. Behind the counter, we can see right into the kitchen baking at a production level. These bread has been gracing restaurant tables from Babbo to Bistro Margot for years.

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Background read:

The Sullivan Street Bakery has been around since 1994, founded by Jim Lahey. The founder was originally a sculptor, but went to Italy pursuing the art of baking. He then came back to New York and opened the first storefront of the bakery on Sullivan Street in SoHo (unfortunately closed now).