We spent one day wandering in the city of Oslo and captured many lovely moments. The following are several places we hit. The list is definitely not exclusive; you will need to go to Oslo to fully appreciate its beauty.


Salmon and Gelato!

Nordic countries consume the highest amount of ice cream per capita. And they had abundant fish. 

No wonder they top the happiness index.

The Vigeland Park

The world's largest sculpture park made by a single artist Gustav Vigeland.

Many locals come here for sunbath on the grass, while tourists come here to have handshakes with the Angry Baby sculpture.

The sculptures all have deep insight, discussing the relation between human beings. The Wheel of Life is purely sublime.

Akershus Castle and Fortress

Built at the shoreline, this fortress has been at the centre of the nation's growth and development for 700 years, and it is now very popular as a culture arena. It's a great point to view the sunset.

S.J. is wearing

Top by COS

Coat by COS

Jeans by Acne Studios

Stan Smith Sneaker by Adidas

Lindsey is wearing

Pleated Front Shirt by COS

Pants by Acne Studios

White Pointed Sneakers by Adidas

National Museum of Art

How could someone leave Norway without seeing Edvard Munch? 

We ended up spending quite some time in the drawing room and did our sketches. Super fun!