FIKA was founded by Swedish Chef Lars Åkerlund in 2006. He fell in love with NYC during his visit in 2001 and decided to bring "fika" (a Swedish term for "coffee break") to NYC. We went to its espresso bar at 28th ST/Park Ave the other day and shared some pictures here: FIKA espresso bar.

Over years, FIKA experimented with a variety of food ideas, the most successful being its chocolate line. Its master chocolatier Håkan Mårtensson led FIKA to 5 medals in the latest International Chocolate Awards held in London last November. 


It's collection of chocolate demonstrates vivid imagination. Apart from the classic Milk and Dark, its Quinoa/Hazelnut Bar, Himalayan Salt, Dark Chili and Caramelized Hazelnuts are rich in tastes and creativity. It's adventurous spirit also presented in its Chocolate Skull and Chocolate Pill, which are imaginative and delightful. If you want to experience the best of FIKA, Meet the Medals box could be a good choice. We literally love all its truffle boxes, which are beautifully presented and perfect as gifts.


We tried FIKA expresso chocolate bar this time. The package has a sleek, modern design. We love the white space that immediately leads consumers' sight to the brand name. And the white space is not simply plain paper, but a subtle geometrical "A"-shape embossment with a glossy finish.

On the back printed the info of its chocolatier Håkan Mårtensson, and the hand-written expiration date adds some personal touch. Overall, the chocolate package enhances FIKA's Scandinavian brand identity.


The front side of this chocolate bar looks just like regular ones in the market. But flipping it to the back, we were surprised by the nuts sprinkles that are not pressed into the chocolate. The downside is that the nut crumbs don't stick well, so be careful when you crack the bar.


Carefully produced in small batch, the chocolate does come on the pricey end (~$8/bar) and in the same range as jcoco chocolate and Master brother. We don't like the expresso chocolate that much, as it's relatively plain and dull. We may try its signature flavors next time, which should be of higher expectation.



TASTE  ★★☆☆