I've always been a fan of organizing. I believe that a clean and peaceful environment would encourage the best quality of work. IKEA's KVISSLE Desk Organizer is my latest best find for organizing workspace. 

Essential by Sycomore | KVISSLE Desk organizer

The Swedish company is crowned for making furniture affordable, but it plays a more important role of democratizing Scandinavian design and brings design within the reach of the public. IKEA respects originality by naming products after designers' name. Since its establishment, it has created some classic designs that have been in the market for decades.

Essential by Sycomore | KVISSLE Desk organizer
Essential by Sycomore | KVISSLE Desk organizer

Its whole structure is a single piece of coated metal bended into a tunnel shape. The simple form enables low manufacturing cost and thus low retail price (only $5.99), yet at the same time was clearly designed to be functional and affordable. It features nine standard pen holders and two larger ones, with a layer of cork at the bottom.

The cork padding saves objects from slipperiness and adds a soft touch and warm tone to the design. Cork is such an affordable material that feels soft and looks upscale, elevate the whole design.

Essential by Sycomore | KVISSLE Desk organizer

I also like the cable management box in the same KVISSLE organizer collection, equally beautifully affordable. Read its review by my favorite reviewer Andrew Kim on Minimally Minimal


DESIGN  ★★★☆