The fondness for egg is an enigma. An egg, per se, provides unexplainable pleasure to taste bud. Its soft and smooth texture pampers every morning soul. Yet an eggy dish is so commonly seen on menus that we often take its full potential for granted. There are so many options that you can’t go wrong with, omelets, scrambles and slithery poaches. But don't you get tired of ordering the ordinarily good egg? (I do!) Like you had a fun date, but you just know that person is not the one. 

So when I heard the hype on this newly open place, I put it on my to-go list immediately, while at the some time thinking snobbishly that "you better not let me down by naming yourself an egghead."   

When the plates come up, we are quite impressed by the beautiful food styling, which rarely belongs to a $12 dish. So do the rich flavor and fine ingredients. We had Pepper Boy and El Camino, with butter biscuit on the side. All of them hit the point. The beacon, mild cheese, pulled pork and avocado all come in such a harmony to make up this haunte egg brunch. Oh, and remind me to take half a dozen biscuits to go next time. The soft and buttery biscuit simply provides the best ending to the mouthfeel. 

Welcome to the egg appreciation society. If you’re not yet a member, you'll be after visiting Egg Shop.


Egg Shop



DECOR  ★★★


TASTE ★★★★