dazzling sun le sycomore 1

The ending of daylight saving officially announced the arrival of winter. Surrounded by the piercingly cold wind, sunshine is the best thing we can cherish. Now that we only have 10 hours of sun, we better make it count. No doubt, rooftop is THE place to bathe in it.

The sunlight is so shining that we can barely look straight into the lens, so dazzling that every view gets overexposed and melted away. 

It's getting cold here in New York.  Bye bye rooftop season. I will see you in the spring.

Lindsey is wearing 

Cardigen by American Apparel

Dress by H&M

Sneaker by New Balance 620

S.J. is wearing 

Jeans & Boots by All Saints

Scarf by MOG

dazzling sun le sycomore 2