le sycomore soho

I can smell the icy winter. The cold humidity, the humid cold, came visit the city from time to time, in an unexpected manner, like your least favorite aunt who crashed your place every once in a while.

It may be the last day to wear any short items. The structured jacket, with blue color as light-hearted as summer, simply cannot stand the all-pervasive cold. It gets dark at 5pm now. Better head home early before my fedora hat get blown away in the roaring wind.

Wool Jacket by Ochirly

Wool Shorts by Five Plus

Hat by Anthropologie


Scarf on 1

When I was younger, wearing scarves made me feel itchy, psychologically. They are very intimate accessories, wrapping around one of the most sensitive part of my body in a free form. They better be soft and smooth, it's my neck they were dealing with. Thus I always add more clothes instead, but the bulkiness outcome isn't desirable either. 

A tailored blazer brings the best out of a guy's body form. However the structured silhouette and its typical lapel make it always feel formal. A scarf comes in handy covering the lapels and add casualness. 

Scarf on 2

Blazer by Ben Sherman

Jeans by All Saints

Sneakers by New Balance

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