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Bang & Olufson (B&O) produces some of the best designed consumer electronics. It is famous for its luxurious video and audio products ranging from televisions to speaker. To target the emerging, young purchasing power who are increasingly fond of good design, the danish company launched the B&O PLAY product line that is relatively more affordable ($199 for earbuds and $399 for headphones, still a small fortune, but talking about relativity here...)

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B&O is famous for fusing polished metal surfaces along with natural materials like wood in its speakers. The break-away from industrial material adds a relaxing vibe to the space and interior design. With headsets, B&O's latest inclination is to integrate leather to render a luxurious look of a consumer electronic. 

The item I am highlighting today, B&O PLAY H6, is my favorite headset among all. Coming in beige and black colors, this over-the-ear headphone stands out with its thoughtful balance of modernity and luxe. The beautiful sheen of metal forms an elegant contrast to the genuine leather, showcasing B&O's high level of aesthetics.

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Compared to its peers in market, H6 plays a conservative card in its design. It does not look as eye-catching as the colorful Beats by Dre, nor purposely shapes a professional image as of Bose. Instead, H6 reinvented a traditional silhouette with minimalism. The perfect brand images would be the stylish gentlemen reading in coffeeshop, or the artsy souls enjoying some quiet time in art galleries. Not the pop star like Beats or the professional geek like Bose, H6 stands alone by itself, with elegant design and carefully tuned sound quality.

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Based on my two-month experience with the headset, the design appeals not just visually but also functionally. H6 is rather light weight and rests easily on my head without exerting too much pressure. With regard to the sound, H6 delivers the closest experience to the original sound track recorded in the studio, neutral and accurate. That being said, If you are pursuing such heavy bass that Beats offers or the noise reduction that Bose provides, H6 may not be your choice. It conveys the sound in a graceful and subtle way just like how B&O conveys its brand image. 

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Given the fact that H6 is a day-to-day headset built for mobility, its $399 price tag is definitely on the expensive end. But for the accessibility to B&O’s legendary craftsmanship, I do believe the money was well spent.

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SOUND  ★★★☆