Sunday is our grocery day, and we would walk our way up to our beloved Trader Joe’s on the Upper West.  It is a beautiful sunny day seen from indoor, yet the moment I step outside, the freezing wind blow my hair into a ugly mess and give me a long, unwelcoming chill. 

Too bad, the cozy autumn is already gone like a flash. Well, at least the Upper West neighborhood is as beautiful as usual in the dazzling sunshine, with some pumpkin aftertaste of Halloween. We then stop at Lincoln Center to enjoy the leafy backyard a bit.

Recently S.J. and I have done something cheesy — we got the same New Balance 620 (in different color). We both love the retro design and pick our favorite color contrast. Compared to the best-known 574, which has the chubby body and tilted toe, 620 gives a slimmer fit and elongates the proportion visually. Thanks to the unisex design, we walk together like a gang. (See his demo in the next post.)

Sneaker by New Balance 620

Jeans by True Religion

Shirt by Madewell

Scarf by Hermes

Watch by Folli Follie

Brace by Cartier